Why we plan to migrate NOW tokens to EOS

On June 2, EOS completed the ICO, closing the last 350th round of token sale. In total, 900 million coins out of 1 billion were sold (100 million EOS remains in the hands of the developers). This placement was one of the longest in history (341 days) and the largest one: the project managed to collect unprecedented $ 4 billion. At the same time, the developers of the cryptocurrency published the first release-version of the blockchain software — EOS.IO 1.0. This was reported in the official blog of the company. The open source software is available on GitHub.

According to the EOS team, thanks to the new software, the platform will be able to make transaction fees zero, as well as increase the number of operations to millions per second. The EOS blockchain will be launched soon. On June 2, the balances of the tokens were freezed, as a result, the unregistered tokens most likely will be lost, that is, their owners will not receive the coins on the new blockchain. Analysts note that EOS can pose a serious challenge to Ethereum and thus start the first blockchain war. Until now, the Ethereum network and its tokens of the ERC-20 standard have been competing with decentralized operating systems like NEO. In any case, the crypto community will benefit from this confrontation, as both systems will strive for the fastest possible development.

Why do we believe in EOS blockchain?

Parallel processing

Parallel processing capabilities provide continuous scalability and a robust, high-performance foundation for your applications. Existing single-threaded capabilities make each application to share the bandwidth and capacity of one single-threaded blockchain, to create a hard limit on the scalability, and ultimately suffer from the congestion of the network, which can lead to a downtime of the platform.

Decentralized operating system

EOS software helps developers to interact with databases, permissions, scheduling, authentication, and application interaction. This greatly simplifies the process of building and deploying decentralized applications and expands the potential audience for anyone with basic web development experience.

EOS.IO is designed to allow developers to use the blockchain without sacrificing development time or compromising core performance standards.

Ratified Constitution

The Constitution regulates the EOS block producers per each transaction in the network through peer-to-peer end user license agreement. The Constitution sets out a transparent framework for dispute resolution, force majeure and creates a common default arbitration system for all users worldwide.

Self-sufficiency and evolution

The EOS block-scheme is completely self-contained, self-supporting, a distributed network with all the management along the chain. It does not rely on any Fund, Corporation or person.

Slow predictable creation of new tokens (no more than 5% per year) is distributed by the community through selected smart contracts to finance the operation and growth of the network.

One of the largest and most diverse chain communities

EOS is built on the basis of the community of delegated evidence (DPOS), these principles are now built and managed by the largest intelligent companies in the blockchain ecosystem — BitShares and Steem. With over a billion dollars of market capitalization and more network activity than Bitcoin and Ethereum combined, this community has started to push its innovation to the forefront of the blockchain industry and will continue it as much as possible.

ChangeNOW believes in the prospects and future of the EOS Network. We thoroughly study the possibilities of the new blockchain and smart contracts, and test our network on EOS. NOW token might be the first token launched on EOS.

NOW token is internal currency on ChangeNOW, other cryptocurrencies will use NOW token to be listed on our exchanger. The token will be available on the exchange starting from August 2018, the price for pre-sale will be $0,2 per token. Common users will not be able to buy the tokens anywhere — they can get NOW token only via airdrops or bounty programs.

ChangeNOW is an instant cryptocurrency exchange service for limitless crypto conversions. We support over 200 coins and are account-free! https://changenow.io/

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