Yay! Ethereum Giveaway! #freecoins

Hi! We appreciate your interest in our service. We do not just say it, we mean it! That’s why we are launching Ethereum Giveaway!

ChangeNOW, the anonymous and limitless exchanger is raffling off some Ethereum for our beloved customers! Our lottery fund is 1,5 Ethereum and we’re going to randomly pick 6 winners. The most lucky one is getting 1 whole Ethereum and 5 other winners are getting 0,1 ETH each! No joke.

Here’s what you should do:

1. Make an exchange with ChangeNOW, starting November 24th, 2017

2. E-mail the link of your transaction to eth@changenow.io

Make sure to double check the link! The prizes will be sent to the wallet address indicated in the transaction.

3. Wait until December 22d, 2017.

We’ll randomly pick 6 winners just before Christmas time to send them an equivalent of 1 ETH and 0.1 ETH of the exchanged currency accordingly. For example, if you are the luckiest winner and you exchanged BTG to BTC, you’ll get a BTC equivalent of 1 ETH at the rate of December 22d, 2017.

Making your winter better. Powered by ChangeNow.

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